DEGREE (Dutch Electronic GREy files on Economics)

is a virtual collection of fulltext electronic working papers on economics and business economics, issued in the Netherlands.

DEGREE template

This template for ecomomic working papers, based on the ReDIF-paper template, is used by the DEGREE partners.

A bibliographic record contains the following (required) attributes; the values given as an example apply to a working paper of Tilburg University.

Template-type: ReDIF-Paper 1.0 (required)
Author-Name: Aalbers,R (required)
Author-Workplace-Name: Tilburg University, Center for Economic Research (required)
Title: Extinction of the Human Race : Doom-Mongering or Reality ? (required)
Abstract: This is the abstract of the document. Although you do not need to have an abstract, we
strongly recommend a detailed abstract, because it increases the chance of users finding your
document within a full-text database. If you have a long abstract that has several paragraphs
please split the paragraphs by html paragraph sign.
Classification-JEL: Q29
Keywords-Attent: Pollution; Sustainable Development;
Keywords: Life support system; Overendowment tax
Series: Discussion Paper (required)
Creation-Date: 1994 (required)
Number: 102
File-URL: (required)
File-Format: application/postscript (required)
File-Size: 962 Kb (required)
File-Format: application/pdf (required)
File-Size: 399 Kb
Handle: RePEc:dgr:kubcen:1994108 (required)

This file will be named .../kubcen/1994108.rdf

Some attributes are repeatable, like author- name (clustered together with author-workplace-name and author-Email) , URL (clustered together with format and size).
BC-codes can also be added; use Classification-BC: ...
Please, do not add any empty attributes.

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