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    DEsite is a didactic module, which focuses on the decision-making process within the European Union. The complexity of this process is often a problem for law students who are writing a paper on a subject in the field of European law or who require information on European law. However, the designers of this module are convinced that other people are also struggling with this problem and, for this reason, have decided to make this module freely available through the Internet.

    This is a two-part module. The part, which you have before you, is the substantive part. It consists of seven chapters, each of which deals with an aspect of the decision-making process. Chapters 3 (on the organs of the European Union) and 7 (on information and publications) focus on information output. These chapters specifically take into account the electronic information that is available, with an emphasis on information that is freely available on the Internet. They also contain a large number of links to Internet resources. When you click on a link, a new window will be opened.

    The other part is the didactic part that was specifically made for students of European and International law. This didactic part is available via Blackboard, a digital learning environment frequently used by Tilburg University. This learning environment enables students to discuss issues, ask questions, and do tests. It is only partly accessible to third parties. For the didactic part, click here. Type "guest" as username and password.